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Officially became the United Nations world tourism organization official language in Chinese

Date: 2021-02-22

On February 20th, brigade headquarters said in a news release, the United Nations world tourism organization (hereinafter referred to as the "UNWTO") and the Spanish government official notification, since January 25, Chinese became UNWTO official language.

According to introducing, UNWTO is the world's most influential international intergovernmental organisation, has 159 member countries, has its headquarters in Madrid, Spain for its memory about China.China joined the group in 1983.In November 2007, the UNWTO 17th plenary meeting, China proposes to Chinese as the official language.General assembly adopted the China proposed and passed to amendment the articles of association of the world tourism organization of article 38 of this law, namely "the organization of the official language is Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish".

According to the regulations of the articles of association of the UNWTO, after the amendment is approved by the general assembly, has yet to be more than two-thirds of members will take effect only after approval formalities.Since the 2007 amendment through the approval formalities as soon as possible to promote the member states, to become the UNWTO official language in Chinese came into effect as soon as possible, China united UNWTO have done a lot of work.In January, 2021, 106 amendment approved countries, conform to the statutory number, amendment goes into effect.

Brigade headquarters said, with the increasing of China's comprehensive national strength, continue to expand the international influence of Chinese, Chinese get more widely recognized in the international community.Become the UNWTO official language in Chinese, to improve the UNWTO as integrity and authority of the UN specialized agencies, improve the using status of Chinese in international organizations and use ratio, is beneficial to our country in the world affairs play a more active role in international tourism, to better share the development of Chinese tourism industry experience and opportunities.